-- to the stars and beyond ☆
-- to the stars and beyond ☆


So, as per usual I didn’t get the solo for chorus. -Shrug- I’m used to that. I’m not the greatest singer alive and I know my weaknesses and that there are a lot of people out there that are better than me, I’m fine with that! But when you’re the person who GETS the solo and then gives me TAUNTING looks BECAUSE you got the solo…then of course I’ll be pissed off. That’s absolutely rude. Excuse meeeeee for not being on iTunes like you are. Excuse meeeeeeee for not flying out to L.A for a week because I have to work on my album because daddy has enough money to send me there.

Seriously done with all the snotty rich kids at my school. Absolutely done. Always looking at me like I am lower than them. Yeah, I’m not in the same economic class as you but I sure as hell am not any less than what you are.

Fucking fuck fuck fuck. Sorry, just needed to vent. Really upset.

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    *chokes* oh um, hi~ ^^’ That’s so sweet
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    You guys are great role players
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    Too bad we can’t get Sasuke to fry her with his chidori T.T
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    I am here.
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    Aiiiiiiiiiite, I’m on this, gimme a time and a date and some more time because travelling issues, yknow?
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    Seriously. We’ll do this, I’m sure Arigatou-sasusaku, boriqua and B1ueston3 would happily jump on this with me
  9. arigato-sasusaku said: UGH. ughgugighghdhisuoaihf. not okay. She sounds like a massive bitch. One daaaay, that money will run out and she wont know what to do with herself and you’ll just be somewhere, all sucessful and happy and just have to be like HAH!
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    There there… I’m sure they didn’t mean any harm n-n